How it Began

 In August 2012 there was a bad heat wave in Southern California. It was too hot to layer my shirts to be modest. I looked in my closet one day and groaned because I only had three shirts that were modest without anything under them. I thought to  myself, someone needs to start a modest clothing company that specializes in making shirts that DON'T have to be  layered  AT ALL to be modest. 

 Since then, it has been my quest to find such shirts and dresses and skirts and to bring them to you at a good price with great customer service.  

I'm also happy to offer a missionary discount. I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to Mesa, Arizona in 2007. The missionary discount applies to not only LDS missionaries, but missionaries of other faiths needing clothes. 

Thanks for checking out our clothes and hanging out on our website!

 xo Camille, Founder