It's Time to Go Live January 10 2017

Have you ever wished that ModestPop had a physical brick and mortar store near your house where you could go see and touch the clothes in person? Well, we aren't able to do that yet but we are going to offer you a personal shopping experience by going live on Facebook on our page. This gives our customers a chance to ask questions about specific pieces we carry - What does the fabric look like up close? How stretchy is it? What does it look like on a mannequin? What does it look like on a person? What can you pair it with to make an outfit? All of these questions and whatever other questions you come up with will be the focus of this special event.

The first live will be this Thursday at 10 am PST. It will be a test run to see how it works, make sure there are no technical glitches, before Facebook lives become a weekly occasion customers can count on to ask questions about products and connect in a more personal way. What questions will you be asking when we go live? We know that finding comfortable, stylish, and modest clothing is difficult and a physical store is the ideal, but we will make this shopping experience as personalized as possible!

Let's Talk Fall Fashion October 15 2016

Fall has arrived and let's face it, these gorgeous fall colors are EVERYWHERE. So, let's talk about the must have colors for this fall season.

First off, the beloved mustard. This is probably my favorite color for fall. I know, I know, not all of us can rock the full on mustard dresses and sweaters because the yellow drowns out our skin, but that's what leggings are for! Pair some mustard colored leggings with a navy dress and a cream or white cardigan and you've got an adorable fall outfit. If you are one of those lucky ladies who can wear mustard everything, then your option are ENDLESS! Mustard dresses, cardigans, scarves... give me all the mustard colored clothes!

Next is burgundy. This color is GORGEOUS and there are so many different shades. Guess what! We just released the new burgundy colored Gracie Dress ( and it is to-die-for. This color can seriously go with anything. You can pair it with navy, black, grey and even that wonderful mustard color we were just talking about! If you don't have anything this color in your closet, you might want to fix that ;)

Lastly, we've got olive green. My personal favorite is an olive green vest. You can pair it with jeans and a top, a dress, leggings... you name it! If vests aren't your thing, have no fear, they make olive EVERYTHING right now! You want leggings? Done! Dresses? Got it! This color is a timeless color to add some fall feel to the rest of your wardrobe. Maybe you have a gorgeous floral print top that you think might have too much of a summer vibe, well, grab that olive vest I was talking about, some black leggings and cute booties and your fave floral summer top just became your go-to fall shirt! 

The modest outfit possibilities are endless when it comes to fall, that's what makes it my favorite time of year! Now, let's get shopping!

The ‘Must Have’ Modest Dress Giveaway: August 23 2016

Virtuous Prom & ModestPop Team Up for the Ultimate Modest Dress Giveaway

Homecoming season is here and we’re excited to announce that we’re teaming up with Virtuous Prom  for the ultimate modest dress giveaway. The winner of this giveaway gets to choose whether or not she wants a free modest formal  from Virtuous Prom or a free modest dress courtesy of ModestPop. So whether or not you need a modest homecoming dress or would just love a gorgeous modest dress from ModestPop, this giveaway is for you!


We love the awesome selection that Virtuous Prom offers. Not only do they provide gorgeous formal dresses (starting at just $65) in lots of beautiful colors, but they also have a line of wedding dresses! Check out these two dresses, two of our favorites because they are gorgeous, feminine, and (guess what!) modest! Check out this amazing Amy formal dress - isn't the detail is out of this world!?

In order to enter this amazing contest, you must like both Virtuous Prom and ModestPop on Facebook and/or on Instagram. One entry will be counted for following us on either Facebook or Instagram and if you follow us on both, you’ll automatically receive an additional entry. For even more chances to win one of our gorgeous dresses, simply tag your friends on our Facebook and Instagram posts announcing the giveaway. The giveaway starts on August 23 and will run through August 30. Check in with our Facebook and Instagram feeds during the giveaway for additional chances to win the modest dress of your dreams! There’s no limit to how many friends you can tag, and with the range of dresses to be won there’s something for everyone. From your little sister to your aunt, from your mom to your best friend, there’s a perfect dress for everyone!

Prom Season is Here!! May 09 2016

What girl doesn't want to be asked to the Prom? It is a huge milestone for so many girls, one they have been looking forward to for probably years. Yet sometimes looking for that perfect dress can be challenging, especially when they don't want to compromise their standards just to fit in with the latest prom dress trends. I remember back when I was faced with this challenge, and to be honest it was a very hard and long process trying to look for a dress that I would fall in love with while still keeping it modest looking. And let me tell you, without the internet at our fingertips like we have today, this was EXTRA, EXTRA hard! haha But you know the saying "Patience is a Virtue"?...I started early enough where I was able to find a Modest Prom Dress that I was in love with!  And when my date arrived at the door to pick me up... to hear him say how beautiful he thought I looked, made it all worth it!! We would love to see you wearing your Modest Prom Dress...Follow us on Instagram and DM a picture to us looking your Prom Best and we will choose a few to post on here and on Instagram!

Modest Celebrity Trends December 16 2015

It's always fun seeing celebrities dressed modestly. This Fall and Winter season, it seems like the trend is not just covered shoulders, but covered everything. Dresses are long and sweeping with high necks. The look is very elegant. I love how Jennifer Laurence and Emily Blunt had their hair done in a feminine updo to show off the entirety of the dress. Jennifer's look is more casual with a soft loose braid and Emily's red carpet look is more elegant and dressed up. Emma is wearing a floral ankle length dress with strappy sandals and pulls off the look with loose pretty curls. Which look would you rather wear and why? 

One of the reasons I enjoy seeing celebrity women dressed modestly is that it really brings attention to the beauty, details and design of the dress AND because it draws attention to the beauty and radiance of their face, instead of summoning attention to a certain body part that their outfit is showing off. So instead of noticing their chest or thigh, you get to see the beauty of the PERSON shine through, which isn't competing for attention by the body part. I think they all look lovely and I hope more celebrities make the decision to wear modest dresses to events and award ceremonies. 

Back To School August 22 2015

It's back to school season and we have you covered on cute styles to start your school year right. I have picked some cute modest outfits that we offer here at Modestpop! Not only are they modest but they are price friendly and may I add darling. Here are my current top three.
Can we say adorable? You can pair it with three different color and to add to how adorable it is it has pockets.Yes please! I would snatch one up in a heart beat!Can be paired with heels or flats either way this is a must have.
Second pick would be our Chiffon Bow Top
Anyone else find this shirt so flirty and fun? Not only does the bow act as an accessory it comes in five different colors. Why not get one in every color! We offer the shirt in white,coral,navy,gray and black. I think this top would be so cute for school pictures. What do you think?
Last pick would be our Maya Maxi Dress
I'am all about this dress. Serious love going on right now. You can accessorize it with any color and is so comfy. I don't know about you but I'm all about the comfort. 
I hope you have enjoyed these looks as much as I do. Hope to see you guys back here on the Modestpop blog next week! 
Fun shopping,
modest pleated striped skirt

Modest Vintage Style August 22 2015

As different fashion styles come and go, one thing that will always be around are vintage styled clothes.  Vintage clothing is very cute, stylish, and can be very, very modest. They can be fun to wear casually or you can dress them up for different occasions. 

Even celebrities think so as well. 


Come check out some of our vintage pieces including our Cute as a Button Skirt, Black Floral skirt, Eve Dress in both Pink Floral and Blue Floral, Haven Dress, Polka Dot Tee in Mustard, and Jane Dress.

Modest is Hottest! July 23 2015

Sometimes its hard to stay cool, and stay modest during the summer heat.  wrote an article with tips on how to beat the warm summer heat and remain modest. 

They have 5 helpful tips including:

      1. Remember that looser is cooler.  Looser clothes helps air circulate creating a cooler feel and making the summer heat a little more bearable. Wearing things like maxi dresses, skirts, and flowy tops are the best options for staying cool and modest. Try our modest dresses, skirts, and tops such as the Michelle Maxi Dress, Aztec Maxi Skirt, and our Floral Scoop Neck Top.
      2. Avoid the urge to layer.  Because of today's society and clothing, more and more clothes are coming in not as modest styles such as tank tops and shorter skirts, people are feeling the need to layer up. However, layering up can lead to over heating. By choosing clothes that cover where you want it too without having to layer too much, it can make things so much cooler. At ModestPop, we have many tops and skirts that are perfectly modest, and don't need to be layered. 
      3. Choose the right fabrics for the season. Choose lighter fabrics for clothing is very helpful for staying cool. Choose lightweight fabrics that are breathable in the summertime like cotton, chambray, silk, and linen. 
      4. Make friends with maxi!! The article says, "because of their length, choosing a variety of maxi skirts and dresses in breathable, lightweight fabrics is a sure way to remain covered but cool" Try our fun and modest maxi skirts and dresses.
      5. Finally, have fun with accessories. The article says, "finding simple, modest outfits that you feel comfortable in, and changing up their day-to-day look through the use of accessories."

To read the rest of the article, go to: Modest is Hottest! 5 Tips for keeping cool while staying covered up.

Pencil Skirt Style Guide May 28 2015

Ever wonder the best way to make your pencil skirt look great? Lucky Magazine wrote a piece on this recently. Here is what they say: 

"Why It Works: The strong up-and-down shape of pencil skirt reins in the flowy fabric up top while heels lengthen the look. Try to avoid traditional pumps—closed or peep-toe—though! It might come off as too corporate."

Check out our cute Claire Pencil Skirt. And this modest blouse we sell is really similar to the one in the article! Here's another really cute flowy blouse

Shop our Modest Pencil Skirts | Shop our Tops

Here's the link for the full article:

What other combinations can you come up with? Leave a comment if you want to share!

Last Chance Sale!! October 30 2014

These items are at their LOWEST PRICE EVER.  Once the item sells, it goes back to regular price. Don't wait too long, these deals will go fast! (and some of them can never be restocked).


Size XS

Mia Dress in Plum - *last chance, can't be restocked – sold out!

Isabel Dress in Red - sold!

Chiffon Bow Top in Red


Size Small

Nautical Red Dress

Placket Top in Tribal

Placket Top in Floral

Vintage Polka Dot Dress

Isabel Dress in Gray

Watercolor Dress

Tan Polka Dot Skirt

Midi Skirt in Black – sold out!

Chiffon Cowl Neck in Black- sold!

Anna Striped Skirt


Size Medium

Pink Paisley Dress

Chiffon Bow Top in Coral - *last chance, can't be restocked

Raglan Tunic- *last chance, can't be restocked – sold!

Side Peplum Pencil Skirt in Navy

Alexis Dress

Viscose Peplum Top in Cream

Bailey Dress in Blue – sold!

Ivy Dress in Plum

Chiffon Bow Top in Rust

Chiffon V-Neck Top in Black

Side Peplum Pencil Skirt in Cobalt

Navy Lace Skirt


Size Large

Marina Maxi Dress

Chiffon Bow Top in White

Venice Maxi Dress in Black -  *last chance, can't be restocked

Moroccan Skirt - *last chance, can't be restocked

Tan Sun Print Skirt – sold!

Take Note Dress in Ivory - *last chance, can't be restocked

Chiffon V-Neck in Navy

Daisy Dress in Green

Bell Sleeve Top in Blue

Alexis Dress

Mint Maxi Skirt - *last chance, can't be restocked

Lace Shoulder Top in Ivory

Satin Bow Top in Cream

Ivy Dress in Plum – sold!

Clara Dress in Sage


Size XL

Thick Chevron Maxi Skirt - *last chance, can't be restocked

Satin Bow Top in Black

Isabel Dress in Pink

Elizabeth Dress

Ellyne Dress in Mint - sold!

Ellyne Dress in Peach - sold!

Pearl Pocket Burlap Pencil Skirt - *last chance, can't be restocked

Lace Shoulder Top in Ivory


Size XXL

Charlotte Dress - *last chance, can't be restocked

Chiffon Bow Top in Red

Ivy Dress in Plum





A Skirt I'm So Excited About August 21 2014

Anyone who's followed ModestPop for a while knows that our most popular skirt has been the Sydney Skirt. It comes in 4 colors, has pockets and includes an adorable bow belt. What's not to love? The hardest thing about selling this skirt, though, is that when I buy it from the vendor I can only get one large in a pack. It's mandatory to buy wholesale clothes from most vendors in pre-packs. So the pre-pack for the Sydney Skirt is one large, 2 mediums, and 2 smalls. The problem with that is that this skirt runs a bit small, so anyone who usually wears a large typically can't fit into a large (unless she is small-waisted) and most girls who wear mediums would need a large. So that leaves me with customers buying the large size really quick and a big pile of smalls that sell slowly. It's tough because people always ask when I'm going to get more larges in and I never have enough on hand to sell.


Well, another vendor that I buy MOST of my clothes from just designed a skirt that is almost EXACTLY like the Sydney Skirt. It comes in 5 colors, has the same pleated look, and has pockets. It also has belt loops. And, best part, it comes in sizes XS-XXL, so I never have to worry about lack of size options. I don't have the same pre-pack problem with this vendor as I do the one that makes the Sydney Skirt. So, I'm thinking, problem solved!


These adorable Cotton Pleated Skirts are modest. They come past the knee and are available to ship out in mid September, although I highly recommend pre-ordering one sooner because they will probably sell out by mid September and then people will have to wait for October or November for them to be restocked. That seems so far away. So order now!

View All Colors!



Overstock Sale Details... May 28 2014

Hey! So if you're wondering which sizes we have in overstock so you know how to get a good deal, here's the list of products on sale in each size (ranging from XS - 2X)


(Many more items were on this list but that sale expired on 6/9/14)


XS -










Burlap Pearl Pocket Skirt:


Large -

Olivia Dress in Floral/Cream:



Burlap Pearl Button Skirt:

Cotton Stripped Skirt in Navy:


2X -

Charlotte Dress in Floral/Khaki: