antique skirt extender, modest clothes, modest clothing store
antique skirt extender, modest clothes, modest clothing store

Antique Skirt Extender

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Dressing modestly is important to you. It's important to us too. But we are tired of this idea that in order to dress modestly, you have to sacrifice fashion and/or comfort. We wanted the best of both worlds so we created it. We designed the skirt extender slip so that you would no longer have to sacrifice fashion or comfort to achieve modesty.

Our skirt extender slip not only makes your dress or skirt longer but adds a cute lace detail that will make any dress more fun to wear! Go out with confidence knowing that you in your dress with our dress extender slip will be turning heads.

Because of the polyester material, the skirt extender slip is both comfortable to wear and easy to wash. Just throw it in the washing machine on gentle and then hang it up to dry. By the next morning, your skirt extender slip is ready to go and you will be looking good!

Length and Fabric Content:
100% Polyester

Wash Instructions:
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry.