While in the past we just carried modest skirts, ModestPop now carries a broader collection of modest clothing bottoms. We have skirts of varying lengths (pencil, midi length and maxi), jumpsuits, pants, leggings and denim. A trend right now wooden buttons on sweaters and skirts. We have a bunch of cute front button midi length skirts with little wooden buttons down the front. Most of our skirts are pull on but some have zippers. We have more modest skirt options that ever before. Whether you need something professional for the office, something modest to wear as a teacher or even as a missionary, we have a lot of options. But we carry more than just skirts now! One of my favorite Winter trends with bottoms is our fleece lined leggings that come in three different colors. Whether you wear leggings with oversized tops or just to layer underneath to keep warm, they are such a comfortable option!




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