Maxi Dresses

We have more modest maxi dresses than ever before! Lots of them have pockets, which is an added bonus. As for length, these range from top of the ankle to just about hitting the floor, of course depending on how tall you are. If you want length measurements and they're not listed on the product page, be sure to get in touch. I love the variety of fabrics these come in. The Miranda Dresses are made out of that stretchy soft material often nicknamed leggings material. It has almost a thin fuzzy material and is exceptionally comfy. It's also very stretchy which means that you don't have to worry about it being too snug. Other maxi dresses we carry come in woven materials that don't stretch, so it's important not to size down in these. If you are broad in the shoulders, you may need to size up due to lack of stretch. The McKenzie and Kinsleigh Dresses fit in this woven category. They are a little less casual. While we have lots of floral options, I also love the solid colors for modest bridesmaid dresses. We have recently added some bohemian style maxi dresses, like the River and Laurel Dresses. And we have a temple dress, the lace Emily Dress, in stock now also!