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The Story Behind this Shirt

                  How many of you remember when I asked you vote on these? The silver ruffle shirt came out on top, with the red poppy shirt (sold out) as a close second. Then the manufacturer sold out of the silver ruffle before I could grab it. :(      Luckily, that same week one of my manufacturers said I could send him samples of anything and they could make it. So I emailed him the picture.  Two weeks later, he emailed me back this picture:  He said they opted to use nicer fabric (satin) and a navy color instead. I LOVE IT! My favorite photo of it is this one (below), because it shows it in the best detail. It's...

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No More Cookie Cutter Modesty!

When I started, I was most excited about providing modest clothing that didn't have to be layered at a fair and excellent price. When I started sharing what I'd created with other people, lots of them were excited about something else. One lady said, "This is soo great! Now we don't have to wear those undershirts every single day in order to be modest. You start feeling like a cookie cutter in one of them, because everybody wears them to be modest!" She also commented that since there are only a handful of modest clothing stores and everybody shops at the same ones, you can point around the room at church and identify where everybody got their outfit. Another...

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