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Modest Travel Series Part 3

Modest Travel Series Part 3 It’s Summer time! And adventure awaits! With so many fun things to do this Summer, keeping up with your wardrobe can sometimes prove to be difficult. Well, that’s where I step in! I’m going to be doing a Modest Traveling Series that will help cover your bases for the variety of places you might go! We’re talking camping, cruising, and more! So let’s get going!   Let’s head on over to Disney World! Or basically any kind of theme park. Fun fact, I used to work at Disney World! So I know that kind of life extremely well. There were several ways of surviving the hot, humid weather, but quite honestly my favorite was to...

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Modest Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Summer 2022! How is it 2022 already?! Let’s look into some of the MODEST Summer fashion trends! With the hotter months, the biggest trend is that you’ve gotta have a closet full of modest Summer dresses! Ones that are lightweight, flowy, and breathable. Looking at what’s popular, florals and patterns are IN! Florals of any kind look amazing, but especially the smaller florals. It’s subtle and beautiful.   Modest tiered skirts are also big right now – especially if they have little ruffles on each tier. These are nice and flowy – easy to stay cool in with the hot Summer months. Smocking Tops are also very popular right now! They're stretchy and create a flattering fitted look with your...

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Highlighting this Week's Modest Clothing Bestsellers

This week the bestselling item is the Accordion Pleats Skirt in navy. Why do we think it is selling so well? It's darker color makes it a great winter staple. Navy blue, like black, is a winter neutral color that can be paired with so many other colors to make a great outfit. It also has a lot of fabric, due to the pleats, thatmakes it a heavier more substantial item. Winter weather is chillier and customers are looking for something with more structure, something heavier, to pair with their boots and jackets. Lastly, the skirt is an ideal length for many. Its midi length is modest and works well for taller girls who, in cooler weather, prefer to have...

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