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Modesty Through the Years

Flash Back Friday! My my, how times have changed! Do you ever look back at pictures of yourself through the years and cringe at some of the styles that you wore? I’ve always worn things like modest dresses and Bermuda shorts, but WOW! I’m just thankful that I missed the 80’s with the gigantic puff sleeve dresses! My mother’s wedding dress was the classic 80’s look – Puff Sleeves, Knee Length Modest Dress, and lace. Lots of lace. Just for kicks, let’s take a look at it…   Like I said, classic. Do you see the bow in the back even?? However, I can’t say much more for myself! I know that I did my very best to dress modestly...

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Love that 70's Vibe

If I had to align myself with one of the decades, I would call myself a 70's flower child. It’s not just because I loved watching reruns of the show The Brady Bunch when I was younger. (If you're too young to know, that's the quote at the top of this article is the intro song to the show. Look it up online and watch an episode. It's throwback and fun.)  I was born in the 80's but I’ve always thought vintage was interesting. I also like the free spirit vibe of the 70's, minus the tripping out on drugs part. 

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