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Back To School

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It's back to school season and we have you covered on cute styles to start your school year right. I have picked some cute modest outfits that we offer here at Modestpop! Not only are they modest but they are price friendly and may I add darling. Here are my current top three. First is our Sydney Skirt in Nautical Stripe  Can we say adorable? You can pair it with three different color and to add to how adorable it is it has pockets.Yes please! I would snatch one up in a heart beat!Can be paired with heels or flats...

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Pencil Skirt Style Guide

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Ever wonder the best way to make your pencil skirt look great? Lucky Magazine wrote a piece on this recently. Here is what they say:  "Why It Works: The strong up-and-down shape of pencil skirt reins in the flowy fabric up top while heels lengthen the look. Try to avoid traditional pumps—closed or peep-toe—though! It might come off as too corporate." Check out our cute Claire Pencil Skirt. And this modest blouse we sell is really similar to the one in the article! Here's another really cute flowy blouse.  Shop our Modest Pencil Skirts | Shop our Tops Here's the link...

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