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Skirts in general are never out of style, their comfort is like no other, and of course the versatility of pairing options are enormous. In this article we give you the most loved, crowd-adored skirts from our modest skirt collection, it’s a combination of midi and maxi options, gorgeous patterns, to striking shades and textures.  When done right, one single skirt can give you a plentiful flexibility of mixing and matching to create truly wonderful looks effortlessly and without breaking the bank. Here at ModestPop we curate nothing but only the best pieces to go along with your current tops or choose from our wide collection of blouses or tees.  Top of the list is this Accordion Pleats Skirt in...

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A Skirt I'm So Excited About

Anyone who's followed ModestPop for a while knows that our most popular skirt has been the Sydney Skirt. It comes in 4 colors, has pockets and includes an adorable bow belt. What's not to love? The hardest thing about selling this skirt, though, is that when I buy it from the vendor I can only get one large in a pack. It's mandatory to buy wholesale clothes from most vendors in pre-packs. So the pre-pack for the Sydney Skirt is one large, 2 mediums, and 2 smalls. The problem with that is that this skirt runs a bit small, so anyone who usually wears a large typically can't fit into a large (unless she is small-waisted) and most girls who...

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Overstock Sale Details...

Hey! So if you're wondering which sizes we have in overstock so you know how to get a good deal, here's the list of products on sale in each size (ranging from XS - 2X)   (Many more items were on this list but that sale expired on 6/9/14)   XS -                   Burlap Pearl Pocket Skirt:   Large - Olivia Dress in Floral/Cream:   XL- Burlap Pearl Button Skirt: Cotton Stripped Skirt in Navy:   2X - Charlotte Dress in Floral/Khaki:  

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