Florals Make Me Think of Spring March 12 2014 1 Comment


Right around this time of year is when I start really looking forward to Spring. Easter is right around the corner and floral patterns are popping up in the stores. Last week on Facebook we asked followers to vote on their favorite floral dress. We posted six photos and the four clear winners were the three new dresses on the top of the homepage: www.modestpop.com this one that we are still waiting on manufacturer approval to make available for sale (excuse the low neckline, we don't have a sample of the dress to put on a model and wear differently).Thanks goodness maxi dresses are in style! It makes finding a dress that's long enough to be modest a MJCH easier task.






The great thing about the blue and pink floral print knee length dresses is that they are long enough too. If you are wearing a size small and are 5 foot 7, it will hit you at the middle of your knee cap. If you are wearing a size medium or large, you can add about 1/2-3/4 inch to the length of the dress for each size you go up.


No matter the weather where you live, warming up or cold, I hope these floral patterns cheer you up and make you excited for the Spring days ahead.


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